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Cheryl shares all about the Spirit World around and within us and how to connect with this world.   COMING SOON!

 Mediumship/Psychic ~ Unavailable 2024 due Heart Failure from Covid

Updating availability information Here November 2024 

I have had the privilege of sharing with people from around Australia and the globe as a Psychic Medium for over 25 years.

MEDIUMSHIP READINGS for those who wish to connect with loved ones who have passed over.  Endeavouring to provide real evidence through information such as how they passed, names, dates or information and insight unique to the loved one and to convey their messages, love and presence.  PLEASE NOTE; I cannot guarantee who will come through on the day!

PSYCHIC READINGS offer insight into you, others, situations and your life path, past, present and future. 

Initially preferring to ‘tune in’myself from your birth to the path you are ‘choosing’ at the moment, the focuss then shifts more specifically to what you want from the reading, answering questions or looking at areas of life you wish to gain insight into.

My approach is down to earth and I conduct readings with sensitivity and compassion, ultimately focussing on inspiring clients as to the future possibilities and potential within themselves, and their life.

For over the phone readings I am able to tune into your voice and give equally comprehensive insight on people, situations or events around you.



Session Duration: 40 minutes

Location: 9 Moreland Avenue Mitchell Park, South Australia

Cost: $150.00 (including MP3 recording of the session)

Payment: Direct Debit/Credit Card / Pay Pal two days prior, or cash on the day of the reading.



Session Duration: 40 mins

Location: 9 Moreland Avenue Mitchell Park, South Australia

Cost: $150.00 (including MP3 recording of the session)

Payment: Credit Card / Pay Pal one week prior  or cash on the day of the reading.



Phone Call: Clients call Cheryl at the Appointment time. See Below *Call costs at clients expense.

Cost: same as in person (including MP3 recording of the session)

Payment: Direct credit or Credit Card payment

* The cost of the phone call for Phone readings are at the clients expense. For clients calling from Adelaide the cost is a local call; for interstate and overseas callers please check costs with your telephone provider.


 Mediumship/Psychic ~ Unavailable 2024 due Heart Failure from Covid

Updating availability information Here November 2024

NEW PHONE-0478 580 079 or  Email

STEP TWO – If not in person reading

Make Payment (Record Payment Number for future reference)


‘I found Cheryl very warm and she made you feel at ease within seconds of talking to her.  She was genuine and also interested to make sure that you get what you want out of the reading. 

I have been at times sceptical, however when connecting with deceased loved ones Cheryl was able to provide me with obscure details that no one else could have known.  I also received some advice and finished the reading feeling at ease. 

I have seen a couple of other mediums/clairvoyants and this was by far the best experience I have had.’ Amanda 22nd April 2017

Dear Cheryl

‘Thank you so very, very much for the gorgeous reading last night – I was absolutely blown away and got everything out of it that I wanted and needed and then a whole lot more’. Pauline 2011

Dear Cheryl Rae,

I saw you for guidance nearly a year ago and still listen to the tape occasionally. Only in hindsight do things become clearer. Two remarkable things stand out from that reading that were completely out of the blue. Firstly you stated that my husband would be living in another house separate to the rest of the family. This didn’t make any sense to me as there was nothing wrong with my marriage. Earlier this year, my husband was offered a position working overseas for a number of months and is having a very interesting time and is certainly living in another house! Secondly, you said that I would start another job that involved studying. Again, I hadn’t applied, nor was I seeking a new position but I got rung up one day and asked to come and teach in my field of work. I agreed, and as you predicted, I have to study to teach and find this very rewarding. It has opened up new opportunities.

Thank you for your guidance, Jean 2010

‘Dear Cheryl

It was great opportunity to listen to your amazing reading . Although there is an existing physical distance between us, yet, you gave me an accurate verification and direct practical guidance to my concerns, I was very excited by your outstanding skills and talents as medium. I was truly impressed. I hope i we will be in touch and wish you great life.’

Sincerely Najma (Re phone reading for an overseas client) 2011

 Hi Cherylrae,

Again, thank you for the wonderful reading today. Your pin-point accuracy, and detail was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the hour and hope to do it again in the future. I look forward to my life. Libby Hartman 5/8/10

‘Your reading was fantastic, insightful, accurate and a true inspiration to me. It has given me a new sense of self worth and direction.’ ……. ……. Michelle 2008

‘I won the business lease and the building has curvy walls just as you said’

……………………………………………. ……. Sue 2007 (predicted 5 yrs prior to being built)